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CII India Africa Agriculture & Food Processing Summit : 14 - 15 September 2021 : Virtual Platform

CII India-Africa Agriculture & Food Processing Summit

14-15 September 2021: Virtual Platform

 Agriculture is among Africa’s most important sector. According to World Bank Africa’s food market growth is estimated worth of US$ 1 trillion by 2030.This translates to twice as much demand for food by 2050 in Africa. The combination of this trend with Africa’s food import bill leverages an estimated US$ 30–50 billion, indicating an opportunity for Africa’s farmers to grow their agricultural businesses. 

Agriculture in India and Africa share similarities like comparable agro-climatic and socio-economic conditions. Now, with improved productivity and better skilled people, India and Africa have emerged as key partners in contributing to global food security. However, Africa’s agricultural transformation needs more investment. There are challenges to enhance the output to higher levels, but with time, training and investment, it is achievable.  While it is important to look into the seed quality, soil cultivation techniques, fertilizer and equipment the pre-growth building blocks also need to be parallelly cultivated along with it. This coupled with basic infrastructure development, access to markets and financing would be critical for improving Africa’s agricultural productivity.  

With this background the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in partnership with key stakeholders is organizing a Digital Exhibition and Conference on Agriculture & Food Processing Industry from 14-15 September 2021 on a virtual platform. 

This initiative aims to further deepen the existing relationship between India and Africa in the following areas : 

  • trade and investment in agriculture produce and commodities
  • food processing and value addition
  • farm mechanization and irrigation technology for increasing productivity and achieving climate resilience
  • agricultural research & development to foster innovation,
  • capacity building & training

 This event will involve a digital exhibition to showcase and promote mechanism to enhance farm productivity, promote trading of agricultural commodities, quality seed, fertilizer, food processing technologies, irrigation solution among others. It will also provide companies to connect via online B2B meetings to potential projects and partners on the continent. The conference will also be an opportunity for participants to hear about sector updates and opportunities, financing options, the policies and regulations regarding the agricultural and food processing sector from government officials and experts across the region through various digital panel discussions.

For more details on exhibition and conference, please write rakhee.gupta@cii.in / indryani.mulay@cii.in / eoi.rabat@mea.gov.in 

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