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Guidelines for filling forms

Guidelines for filling up Passport Application forms

  • The passport application can be filled online through .All applicants are requested to exercise due care while filling the online Passport Application Form. The passport application form, complete in all respects, may be submitted to this Embassy with the passport (except when applying for the passport for the first time).
  • It is an offence under the Passports Act 1967 to give false information in the application. Misrepresentation / suppression of facts, willful damage of passport and making unauthorized changes in passports may result in denial of passport / consular service.
  • Photograph and Signature/Thumb impression of the applicant will be scanned and printed in the passport. Therefore, Photograph and signatures may be affixed within the box provided.
  • Particulars given in the application form will be printed in the passport booklet. Therefore, exercise due care while making online application. In case of any mistake, applicants may edit details before final submission.
  • All passport application forms for renewal should be accompanied by the Passport to be renewed.
  • Self-attested photocopies of the first two pages and last two pages of the passport, containing particulars of the passport holder, names of both the parents, address and Visa page should be attached.
  • In case of any change in permanent address, submission of duly attested proof of changed residence is mandatory.
  • The applicants should submit a copy of work permit/stay permit/ identity card showing legal status of the applicants in the country of residence.
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