Checklist of documents for various categories of Visa Consular Services

Checklist of documents for various categories of Visa

Checklist of documents required for various categories of visa

All Visa seekers may please provide the following documents, as applicable, at the time of application:

Passport. In case of dual nationality, applicants are required to provide copy of all the passports held by them.

Moroccan National Identity Card or Residence Card

Certificate of work and Salary in case those in private firms or government departments, or Registration Certificate of firm/company in respect of business persons or Scholarite Certificate in case applicant is a student, and prise-en-charge from parents duly attested by competent authorities of Morocco

Flight bookings. Non-refundable tickets or reservations should not be purchased until visa has been issued by this Embassy

Hotel bookings. In case of stay with a friend / relative, letter from the friend/relative mentioning their complete contact details, place of stay of applicant, duration and period of visa requested, etc., along with copy of passport / Identity card, may be forwarded to this Embassy.

Bank statements of last three months

In addition to the above, documents specific to certain category of visa also required to be submitted, as per following details:

Category of Visa

Additional Documents required

Business Visa

A letter from an authorized representative of the employer deputing the applicant for a visit to India for business (Ordre de Mission), letter of invitation from the Indian company. The letter should be addressed to the Indian Embassy in Morocco requesting for grant of Business Visa to the applicant. Period for which visa is required and purpose of visit should be mentioned in the letter.

Conference Visa

Invitation letter from organiser of the conference / event addressed to the applicant. Clearances from Government of India (Political clearance from Ministry of External Affairs, Security Clearance from Ministry of Home Affairs and No-objection from the Nodal Ministry), where applicable.

Employment Visa

Copy of the duly signed work contract, Copy of the Registration Certificate of the employing firm, letter from employer undertaking to comply with Income Tax regulations.

Entry Visa (Spouse-based visa)

Copy of duly attested marriage certificate (in Arabic/French alongwith its English version).

Medical Visa / Medical Attendant Visa

<palign="justify">Doctor's recommendation and a copy of the letter from the hospital in India accepting the patient for treatment, stating estimated expenditure on treatment. Patient’s name, passport number and details must be mentioned on the hospital letter. Please ensure that hospital authorities share the documents issued by them recommending therein the issuance of a medical visa to the foreigner e.g. medical invitation letter, appointment letter etc. on the official email ID of this Embassy processing of Medical Visa cases. <palign="justify"> 

In case of Medical Attendants accompanying patients, hospital’s letter must mention name and passport number of Attendant.

Student Visa (Regular)

Letter of admission to Indian educational institutions mentioning details, duration of course, etc. In case of exchange programme, copy of MoU between the local and Indian institution may also be provided.

Student Visa (Internship under AIESEC programme)

Return flight bookings, Letter addressed to the Embassy from AIESEC India requesting for your visa, Organisation Acceptance Note from AIESEC India, Exchange Participant Acceptance Note signed by applicant, Student’s Acceptance Note signed by applicant, Offer letter from the Indian company/NGO where applicant intends to pursue internship; Attestation de scolarite, Prise en charge from your parent/s with CIN copy and bank statement.

Student Visa (Research)

Subject/topic of the research project, details of places to be visited in India during the project period, details of previous visits to India, Letter of admission and Certificate of Affiliation in original from the recognized Indian University/Institution in token of having secured admission for the research purpose (emails or photocopies of admission letters will not be accepted). In case the research proposal relates to the applicant's own country a brief synopsis (150 words) and justification for doing research in India should also be submitted along with the application.

Journalist Visa

Proof of being a journalist/ Identity Card of the applicant registered as a journalist. In case visit is in connection with shooting a documentary in India, kindly contact the Press and Information wing of this Embassy.

Film Visa

<palign="justify">Letter of intent regarding the shooting of the film in India, mentioning the production schedule or the dates of shooting, particulars of the Producers, production company, cast and crew coming to India for the purpose of the shoot/ production, chosen location, list of filming equipment (if any) that is being brought into the country and other relevant details to help evaluate the merit of the case, must be submitted to this Embassy.

Detailed synopsis / treatment of the theme.

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